Welcome to this site for Oregon work injury victims and their families
Getting seriously injured while working in Oregon can be made unintentionally tougher by the complexity of our federal and state laws and programs. Without help from those with experience and knowledge of the system here in Oregon, an injured worker and their families members can suffer unduly, be denied necessary medical care or compensation for their injuries.

When injured, the last thing you need is confusion or frustration
Part of the cause of confusion and frustrating denials, some that you only learn about after it is too late, is that like our state and federal income taxes, while the system appears to be set up for an individual to interface with the government, the truth is with filling out the forms, and meeting all the requirements, the potential pitfalls make it far too complex today to be a fair and level playing field for an unassisted individual. The system has become so complex that an injured person must either make a choice for representation form a legal professional who understands the pitfalls, or take their chances going it alone.

You can afford professional legal help - no out of pocket costs
Many injured workers and their families don’t have a cent to spare and feel hiring an experienced attorney is out of the question. There is one good piece of news in a work-related injury, and that is that the government has created a way for injured workers to have legal assistance and representation without the need to pay an attorney out of pocket. At our offices there will be no charge you for meetings, for learning about your case and possible problems, or to even represent you. Your attorney will only be paid if through his work he brings you money that you would have otherwise not received. In this way an injured worker and his family can be helped by a top notch professional but do not need to find the money to make it happen. Just call us and we will go to work protecting your rights and helping you get financially compensated for your injuries.

Complete service - from beginning to end
To handle workers' compensation cases, you need a full-service attorney who has a thorough knowledge of Oregon Workers' Compensation laws and the system itself. At the Law Offices of Scott Supperstein in Portland, Oregon, we will utilize that knowledge to ensure that you receive all compensation entitled to you if you suffer a work-related injury.

We know the challenges of the worker’s comp system
The Oregon Workers' Compensation system and its laws are based on series of legislative compromises. They focus more on attracting businesses to the state than taking care of injured, working residents. While the assessment may be harsh, it is important for a lawyer to be aware of the challenges facing claimants injured on the job. Also, we are dedicated to communicate with clients clearly and candidly.

Ensuring full medical treatment and compensation
Clients come to the Law Offices of Scott M. Supperstein who have been unfairly treated by the workers' compensation system. We are committed represent you with all the available to ensure you get the benefits you deserve. We will advise you on all aspects of your workers' compensation claim. That includes ensuring that receive the required medical care and referrals to all appropriate physicians and specialists. We will assist you in obtaining timely and complete time loss benefits. When required, return to work help, vocational assistance, and training will be obtained.

Our relationships with all levels of professionals, medical, vocational, and legal, in the workers' compensation system are long-standing and positive. The respect we have earned among workers compensation lawyers and judges will help ensure a successful result in your claim.